Designers Choice Moss Wire Hanging Basket 14 Inch



For hassle-free gardening, look no further than a pre-planted basket for easy, summer-long colour and interest.

We’re always on the look out for ways to make life simpler for our gardening customers.

So what could be easier hanging baskets which are already planted up? We’ve taken the hard work out of creating wonderfully colourful displays – just order our pre-planted baskets of your favorite varieties and position them where you’ll most enjoy their summer colour. Then all you need to do is water them and wait!

More Info

Regular deadheading of flowers will encourage further blooms to be produced throughout the summer. Feed and water plants regularly, particularly during hot, dry periods.


Please note that photos are representative of past year’s baskets.

Your moss basket may vary slightly in colour or shape.

For specific requirements, please call us directly on 0208 953 1260



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